It's time to make the free switch. Trade in paper clutter for an easy, electronic, anytime-accessible alternative. We promise you won't miss that stack of unopened envelopes.

Losing the paper trail also means gaining security. The less you leave for identity thieves, the better you can avoid being a victim of fraud. Save yourself — and the environment — sign up for eStatements today!

  • Free convenience for Peoples National Bank customers
  • View accounts statements online, 24/7
  • Accessible via online banking
  • Receive automatic email or text alerts when a new statement is ready to view
  • Avoid long waits on the mail and time wasted searching for a past statement
  • Cut down on storage hassles and paper waste
  • More secure than paper statements; eliminates the risk of mail fraud
  • More environmentally-friendly than the paper alternative
  • View, print, or save your account statements and check images just as easily
Combined Statement

Get all your Peoples National Bank statements in one monthly statement. Combine your checking account along with your other non-checking Peoples National Bank accounts and get the added convenience of one monthly statement. Ask your Account Officer today about how to combine your statements.

  • Have all your information in one convenient place
  • Combines your checking account, along with other PNB non-checking accounts
  • Everything available via one monthly statement
  • Avoid storage hassles and confusion
  • No need to wait on and sort through separate statements
  • More secure than paper statements; eliminates the risk of mail fraud