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Can I make deposits into more than one account?

Yes, with Commercial Capture Xpress, you may make deposits into multiple checking accounts. 

What types of checks can be deposited?

Any domestic check (including money order, cashier’s check, business check or personal check), can be processed by capturing the front and back image of the check. 

Where do I view deposited items?

Images are available within Commercial Capture Xpress. Multiple exportable query reports are also available within Commercial Capture Xpress.  

What should I do with the original checks after they are scanned?

Checks must be kept in a securely locked place until they are destroyed. Currently, there are no legal retention requirements. Peoples National Bank requires checks to be kept a minimum of 14 days after a successful deposit before destroying.

What is the procedure for sending in duplicate deposits?

Before re-transmitting a deposit, contact us to verify that the original one was not received. 

What is the cut off time for deposits?

Deposits made on a business day by 6 PM CST will receive same day credit. 

When will my deposit be processed if I make it after 6 PM CST?

The deposit will be processed on the next business day. 

How soon will I receive availability on my deposit?

Availability varies depending on where the checks are drawn. Funds may be available as early as the next business day. Funds are generally available next business day. 

How long are items stored in the system?

The system retains images of deposited items for 2 years. 

How soon will I be notified of NSF items? 

The same process is used to notify you of NSF items through Commercial Capture Xpress as when making a regular bank deposit. The timing depends on the location of the bank the item is drawn on. Note: the substitute check may be re-deposited or sent in for collection, NOT the original item. 

Can I use any type of scanner to deposit my checks? 

There are several scanners that are compatible with Commercial Capture Xpress and Peoples National Bank can order one for you on your behalf or provide you a list of options. 

Here, the Golden Rule still applies.