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Do I need special software?

There is no need for special software or a custom interface. Positive Pay can accept most formats which your business software currently provides, just as long as it includes the check number, issued date and amount, and the format remains consistent (Payee is optional for Check Positive Pay or required for Payee Positive Pay). Positive Pay files may be in either a .txt or .csv format. We will need a sample file in order to map your file specifications into our system and assist with set up. You may also enter single item issues within our program without creating a file. 

Do I have to use Online Banking to have Check Positive Pay and ACH Positive Pay?

Yes, Business Express Online Banking is required to access Check Positive Pay. 

Can multiple users access Positive Pay?

Yes, your business will designate an administrator of the Positive Pay service. The administrator can add additional authorized users with specific user permissions with access by account and by function. 

Can I import a check issuance file for more than one account at a time?

Yes, since the import requires your account number.  

How are exceptions defined?

  • Checks which have never been on an issued check file. 
  • Items that are duplicates of ones that have been paid.
  • Items with no check number, check number does not match or zero for a check number. 
  • Items with amounts that don’t match the issued file. - Stale dated items.  

How will our business be notified if there are exceptions to be processed?

You will receive notice by email or SMS, if there are exceptions to be processed. The initial email is sent prior to 8 AM CST. A reminder email is sent one hour prior to the exception processing deadline. 

What time is the exception processing deadline?

The exception processing deadline is 12 PM CST. 

What happens if a decision is not made to exceptions by 12 PM CST?

To safeguard your account, exceptions not processed by 12 PM CST will receive the Companies default decision. 

Here, the Golden Rule still applies.