Purchasing Cards

Simplify the payment process and reduce costs with the One Card program!

The One Card combines benefits of travel and purchasing cards into one card program. It is a expense management solution that allows your clients to pay for everything with a single card – from airfare to fuel to supplies. The card's customizable spending functionality is designed to meet each employee's requirements and manage all of your spending. Your organization can create multiple user profiles to fit each cardholder's needs, such as frequent business travelers and purchasing managers. One Card is a non-revolving, non-interest bearing charge card, typically with an annual spend greater than $250,000

With the One Card, your organization can have real time management with Access Online. This is a proven, integrated payment and card management system that is ideal for corporate clients and public sector organizations. In addition to comprehensive card program management, reporting and virtual payment capabilities, it also supports cash management strategies, risk management and advanced systems integration. Key system features include:

  • Online Access 24/7: US based support team that provides easy access to manage transactions, statements, cardholder profiles and cardholder account features.
  • Transaction Management: view transactions for up to the last 6 billing cycles and add client specific details to transactions, such as purchase receipts, tax information and route for approval; download statements for the last 18 months.
  • Payment Plus: extends commercial card payments to higher value transactions typically paid by check; provides Accounts Payable (A/P) with the flexibility, float and rebate of a commercial card, along with control and security of a "virtual" card account.
  • Reporting & Statements: choose from a variety of standard and ad-hoc reports dashboard reporting, which provides summary performance "snapshots," and report scheduler for standard and ad hoc reports.
  • Financial Extracts: select from standard, general ledger and payment data extracts to integrate into your organizations existing financial systems.

Complement your program with the convenience of virtual card account capabilities delivered by Virtual Pay.

  • Reduce fraud and gain greater control by establishing set credit limit and validity periods.
  • Gain processing savings when you eliminate costly manual, paper-based processes.
  • Leverage improved data, reporting and reconciliation to support vendor negotiations and simplify reconciliation.
  • Improve revenue streams by increasing your rebate opportunity and extend your float.

Three easy steps:

  • Submit payments via form- and file-based payment instruction options.
  • Pay suppliers securely with virtual card accounts, or simply deposit funds directly into your supplier's account with straight-through processing.
  • Monitor payments with Access Online, reporting and financial extract options.
One card featuresHow your organization can benefit
No annual card feesExperience no hidden charges with rebates available for qualifying companies
Visa Liability Waiver Protection program1Receive $100,000 protection, per instance, from misuse by employees
Cost savingsDecrease costs associated with the processing of checks, invoices and purchase orders
Flexible authorization system and cardholder spending controlsManage where cards are used and limit company exposure
Easy integration with accounting and financial systemsEliminate many manual processes such as data entry and filing
Acceptance around the worldObtain unparalleled purchasing access
Detailed transaction data and full reporting for complete expense managementGet all the data that is needed to measure card program performance and streamline expense reporting
Account setup and maintenanceManage and control accounts online in real time
Corporate Billing with flexibility for Individual Billing all under the protection of corporate liabilityManage corporate expenses while holding employees accountable for prompt payment
Experienced implementation project managers and relationship managers to help with end-to-end program management strategiesAchieve the greatest cost savings and improved efficiencies from your card program
Tax and compliance management supportEliminate most issues associated with 1099 reporting and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act
Supplier management solutionsIdentify and develop opportunities with strategic suppliers
Automatic travel accident insurance and emergency travel servicesProvide added security for employees
24-hour customer serviceReceive assistance whenever it is needed

Contact a banker to see if the One Card is right for your organization!