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01/17/18 - Peoples National Bank announces scholarship program

Peoples National Bank announces a scholarship program available in our Illinois market area. Applications must be completed and received by March 2, 2018. The application is available below or at your local High School Guidance office.

2018 Scholarship Application

11/14/17 Amanda Courson joins Peoples National Bank

Amanda Courson has joined our team as Relationship Banker in our Carmi location. Having been employed in the education field for the past 17 years, Amanda is excited to meet and help each customer with their banking needs. Courson has an Associate's Degree from Southeastern Illinois College and is currently enrolled at Kendall College pursuing a business degree. She lives in Norris City with her 10 year old son, Larkin.

11/13/17 Heidi Attebury joins Peoples National Bank

We are excited to announce Heidi (Hooper) Attebury as Relationship Banker at our Fairfield location. A Fairfield native and FCHS alumni, Attebury graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from the University of Southern Indiana. Heidi has seven years of experience in the financial and insurance industry with her latest position as an Insurance Producer for Carrie Rice's State Farm Agency. Heidi and her husband, Nate, live in Fairfield.

11/06/17 PC Loan Team - Chris Palmer and Joe Cronin join Peoples National Bank

Chris Palmer and Joe Cronin join Peoples National Bank as Vice President, Mortgage Banker to our expanding mortgage department in the Greater St. Louis Metro area.

Joe Cronin, a former Drug Enforcement Administration Special Agent, specializes in the federal governments (PCS) Relocation Loan Program, which assists those who serve this great nation as they move from one duty station to another. In addition to his firsthand relocation experience, Joe has an MBA in Finance/Accounting from Lindenwood University. Joe is an active participant in the community including the St. Louis City Emerald Society, St. Louis City Back Stoppers Program, Marine Corps Law Enforcement Program, Wounded Warrior Program, Ashburn Area Running Club, and Catheters and Cuffs. Providing excellent customer service and a loan strategy to fit your needs is a top priority for Joe.

Chris Palmer has over 22 years of experience in the mortgage industry. Chris' focus is finding the right loan strategy for his clients, while providing them with extensive knowledge and excellent customer service. Palmer says, "There is nothing more rewarding than helping a client purchase a new home!"

PC Loan Team is a group of mortgage professionals who strive to provide excellent customer service and sound lending practices to the individuals who serve this great nation. They understand the anxiety of the duty station transfer and the stress of the time constraints of the PCS process. Their specialty is providing the right product for each home purchaser, and understand government regulations and protocol. Joe and Chris say, "We've been through it, we know it, and we can help you through the biggest purchase of your life."

11/06/17 Jani Meyers joins Peoples National Bank as Vice President, Mortgage Banker

Jani Myers joins Peoples National Bank as Vice President, Mortgage Banker to our expanding mortgage department in the Greater St. Louis Metro area.

With over 25 years of mortgage industry experience, Jani is one of the hardest working mortgage lenders in St. Louis. Jani's favorite part of the job is creating long lasting relationships with her referral partners and clients by providing them with superior service and a specific loan to meet their mortgage needs with an extremely competitive rate. She is married to her high school sweetheart and enjoys family vacations, home

renovations, sports, outdoors and shopping.

10/25/17 Identity Theft is scary! What to look for...

Freddy Krueger. Jason Voorhees. Michael Myers. Three names that instill fear in the hearts of most people. But these nightmares of the big screen are fictional characters. They may have scared us during those moments of terror on film, but in real life, monsters don't exist. Or at least not like these infamous characters.

There are real threats out there we must all be aware of. Identity theft is a huge problem in this country. The latest numbers show more than 15 million Americans lost a combined $16 billion to scammers in 2016. Those numbers are up from previous years. But there are things you can do to protect yourself and your family from these modern-day monsters.

Shred documents you no longer need. Even in this digital age, many companies still send printed copies of statements. Instead of simply throwing the paperwork in the trash, make sure it's destroyed. Criminals aren't above dumpster diving to get your valuable information.

When away from home for an extended period of time, put a hold on mail delivery. Bills and bank statements piling up in a mailbox are easy pickings for thieves. If you're not around when mail is delivered and you're concerned about the potential threat, invest in a PO Box.

Use your credit or debit card with caution. Skimming devices are popping up at ATMs and gas pumps around the country. Many times these machines are not easy to detect. Police say look out for these telltale signs of a skimming device:

1. Loose, broken, chipped or damaged parts or items on or near the credit card reading device on the machine.

2. Exposed wires, cords or electrical items on or near the reading device.

3. Many times gas station employees will put a piece of tape on the pump that lets users know if the pump has been opened or tampered with. If the seal or tape is damaged, the device should be avoided.

4. Anything that doesn't seem like it's a regular part of a machine. Sometimes scam artists will have tiny cameras set up to get a closer look at card and pin numbers.

5. Pull on the credit card insert overlay before using. If there is a skimmer inside, the overlay will come off since it's only put on with double-sided tape or glue usually.

Some scammers use a technique known as phishing. The victim receives a legitimate-looking email in search of a credit card information, passwords or other personal information from a credit card company or other business. Some phishers have even used the IRS or other government agencies. Do not respond to these requests. Contact the company in question directly via the phone.

Most mistakes happen when the victim offers up personal information to strangers on the phone. Don't give out any details unless you're certain who is on the other line. Also, be aware of what you're sharing on social media. There's no true way to keep your posts private. If it's online, virtually anyone has access to that part of your life. This includes sharing education and past employment history. Scammers can use those details to convince you they are the real deal.

Report any kind of suspicious activity to the police. Be vigilant and let others know to keep private details as private as possible. These are a few ways to make sure this Halloween (and beyond) is filled with treats and not tricks.

If you have questions or concerns about your account, call the Peoples National Bank Customer Care Center at (877) 378-1909.

10/23/17 JoAnn Mattingly joins Peoples National Bank as Vice President, Mortgage Banker

JoAnn Mattingly joins Peoples National Bank as Vice President, Mortgage Banker to our expanding mortgage department in the Greater St. Louis Metro area.

A St. Louis native, Mattingly graduated from St. Louis University with degree in Finance and has been a mortgage professional since 1988. Mattingly's knowledge and experience in the industry will help customers choose the best loan product to fit their individual goals and needs. JoAnn has been the recipient of the 5 Star Mortgage Professional Award for the past four years.

10/16/17 Pink out at Peoples National Bank on October 20, 2017

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and pink is the color of choice to help bring attention to the disease that will impact one in eight women in their lifetime. The color pink has been used to promote breast cancer awareness since 1982 when Susan G. Komen's "For the Cure" started. Some 35 years later, the color pink has become just as much a part of October as orange and black.

Pink ribbons evolved after the 1979 U.S. Hostage Crisis in Iran. The wife of one of those hostages tied yellow ribbons on the trees in her front yard as a symbol of hope. That opened the door for other groups to use ribbons to offer hope for various causes. Pink ribbons became the natural way to remember those who have died from cancer, honor survivors and support efforts to find a cure one day.

Businesses and schools have gotten behind the effort. You'll find pink out games, fundraisers and designated 'wear pink' days all month long. That includes all branches of

Peoples National Bank. On Friday, October 20 we are encouraging employees to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month by sporting pink. Some of our team members have been impacted by the disease themselves. Others have family members who were or currently are affected by breast cancer.

Also on October 20, the American Cancer Society has set that date aside for National Mammography Day. It will serve as a reminder for women who are over the age of 40 to

have a yearly mammogram. If breast cancer runs in the family, these life-saving exams should start earlier. Talk with your doctor about what is the best course of action for you. There are resources in southern Illinois that provide free or low-cost mammography services to women. You can learn more about the Illinois Breast and Cervical Cancer Program at the Illinois Department of Public Health website.

10/06/17 Hurricane relief efforts

In recent weeks, two deadly and destructive hurricanes have hit the United States. Hurricane Harvey hit Texas in late August while Hurricane Irma overtook Florida. As a result of both Storms, homes were leveled, businesses were destroyed and lives were lost. It is estimated Harvey caused between $65 and $190 billion in damage. Irma's impact appears to be less severe but could top $100 billion when it's all said and done.

Despite the images on the news of all the destruction, one thing that has not been damaged is the kindness of strangers. People all over the country have come together to help those affected by the fury of both hurricanes. There was no shortage of kindness in Southern Illinois. Schools, churches and other civic groups have collected items and cash to help those people in need.

Businesses have also given to the cause, including Peoples National Bank. But it's a team effort that came up with ways to help the storm victims. Employees at the Harrisburg branch rallied around the infants and small children impacted. They went out and purchased dozens of boxes of diapers. This small gift will make a huge impact on young families struggling to rebuild their lives as Hurricane Harvey tore through their communities.

Our Salem location saw employees working with a church to collect money. That money was donated to the International Disaster Emergency Service. That organization has been around for decades and is headquartered in Noblesville, Indiana. IDES works on five principles; evangelism, disaster response, hunger relief, development & sustainability and medical care. It's one of the many non-profit groups helping in Houston and parts of Florida.

In White County, employees at the Carmi branch of Peoples National Bank donated money together to support the fundraising efforts going on in their community. Other organizations that have benefited from donations by PNB and our team members include the American Red Cross and the Humane Society of Missouri. That group has brought back countless homeless pets to our region in an effort to find them new homes. There are plenty of other worthy causes in need of your help. Please take a moment to make a donation and make a difference.

09/22/17 Knox joins Peoples National Bank

Knox joins Peoples National Bank

Peoples National Bank is proud to welcome Dan Knox, former treasurer of Jefferson County, to our team. Knox joins Peoples National Bank as a Commercial Banker for the Jefferson County area. He brings over 20 years of service to our Southern Illinois community. Dan and his wife, Erika, along with their two daughters, Eliana and Teya, reside in Mt. Vernon.

Hunt Bonan of Peoples National Bank said "Dan is the perfect complement to the rest of our team here at Peoples National Bank. His knowledge of Jefferson County and the relationships he has built over the years will only strengthen the high quality of service our customers have come to expect and deserve."

09/07/17 Everyone loves a Parade

Fall is right around the corner and that means fair and festival season in Southern Illinois. Communities around the region will celebrate in their own unique way, but each has something in common: a parade. The saying goes "everybody loves a parade" and so does the team here at Peoples National Bank. Over September and October, Peoples National Bank will be on hand at 15 different parades throughout Southern Illinois. We'll salute the men and women that have and continue to serve our country starting with the Marion's Veterans on Parade and wrap up the season by scaring up a good time at the Centralia Halloween Parade.

We sweeten things up at each parade the Peoples National Bank team participates in by handing out candy. This puts a smile on the faces of children of all ages along with team members from all of the Peoples National Bank branches. Some of these parades are part of Homecoming celebrations, so be on the lookout for a complimentary football in the home team's colors. Those balls will be given away to parade watchers as supplies last. High school football season is underway and what better way to celebrate your team with a ball in your school colors?

Don't be left out. Come out and get some candy on us and take home a football and join Peoples National Bank in kicking off another great fall season in Southern Illinois.

Peoples National Bank Fall 2017 Parade Schedule

(* = footballs will be given away while supplies last)

September 9 - Marion Veterans on Parade

September 9 - Carterville Free Parade*

September 9 - Ridgway Popcorn Day Parade

September 9 - McLeansboro Fall Festival*

September 14 - Harrisburg Homecoming Parade*

September 16 - Eldorado T&C Parade

September 29 - Benton Homecoming Parade*

September 30 - Mt. Vernon Fall Fest Parade*

October 6 - Eldorado Homecoming Parade*

October 6 - Herrin Homecoming Parade*

October 6 - Fairfield Homecoming Parade*

October 6 - Marion Homecoming Parade*

October 7 - Salem Little Egypt Parade*

October 14 - Carmi Corn Days Parade*

October 28 - Centralia Halloween Parade*

08/10/17 - Malinda Nelson joins Peoples National Bank

Peoples National Bank is excited to welcome Malinda Nelson to our team. Malinda joins Peoples National Bank as Retail Sales Manager for our Carmi branch. Malinda has over 12 years of experience in the financial industry. Having grown up in a small farming community, Malinda understands the importance of being involved and part of the community.

She is excited to be a part of the Peoples National Bank team which prides itself in providing products and services to best serve their customers. Malinda and her sons, Wyatt and Mitchell, are actively involved in White County organizations and the community. In her free time, Malinda enjoys watching her sons participate in various sporting events.

07/25/17 - Peoples National Bank hires Kapp, Smith and Meyers

Peoples National Bank recently hired Tammie Kapp, Joshua Smith and Derek Meyers as they expand their Mortgage Department into the Greater St. Louis Metro area.

Tammie Kapp - VP, Regional Mortgage Lending Operations Manager

Kapp has over 25 years of experience in the Mortgage industry. Tammie has experience in multiple facets of the Mortgage process including Senior Vice President of Mortgage Operations and Mortgage Underwriter. Tammie is married and has two kids. They live in Trenton, IL where her husband owns a small business. Tammie enjoys traveling, outdoor activities and spending time with her family.

Joshua Smith - VP, Regional Capital Markets Manager

Smith has 15 years of Mortgage experience including sales and secondary markets. Josh's experience includes everything from the Vice President of Capital Markets, Assistant Vice President of Investor Accounting and Mortgage Consultant. Josh enjoys taking cruises and spending time with his family.

Derek Meyers - VP, Regional Mortgage Sales Manager

Derek has over 15 years of Mortgage Lending experience. Over the years, he has proven to be a trustworthy resource for his clients, referral partners and co-workers by providing knowledgeable, honest information. Derek grew up in St. Louis, attended CBC High School before graduating from the University of Tulsa as a Division I Athlete. His competitive spirit provides strong leadership and the ability to succeed. Derek lives in Ballwin, MO with his wife and 3 children. He enjoys being outdoors, playing sports, spending time with his family and friends.

05/16/17 - Peoples National Bank awards $38,000 in scholarships

Peoples National Bank presented to 76 high school graduating seniors $38,000 to continue their secondary education. "Our commitment to the communities we serve is part of who we are, what we do and why we have been in business since 1909," commented Hunt Bonan of Peoples National Bank.

In keeping with the tradition of community service and commitment to the education of future civic and business leaders, Peoples National Bank established an educational scholarship that assists high school graduates in continuing their education at a university, college, trade or vocational school. Each recipient of the Peoples National Bank scholarship receives a $500 scholarship. Scholarships are awarded to students exhibiting positive leadership and character in academic, community and extra-curricular activities.

03/27/17 - Bonan and Flagg receive awards at JCCC Annual Dinner

The Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce held their annual dinner on Friday, March 24, 2017. Peoples National Bank was represented well as two employees took home hardware. Hunt Bonan received the Presidents' Award and Jim Flagg was voted Ambassador of the year by his fellow Ambassadors.

Congratulations to Hunt on Jim on all the hard work they have put into the Chamber and the Community this past year!

Pictures from the event can be seen on the Peoples National Bank FaceBook page.

03/21/17 - Suzy Morris joins Peoples National Bank as Head of Treasury Management

Peoples National Bank is proud to welcome Suzy Morris to our team. Suzy joins Peoples National Bank as Head of Treasury Management. Suzy brings 18 years of banking experience with the last 13 years of her career responsible for development and leadership in Treasury Management.

Tom Dolson, Chief Executive Officer of Peoples National Bank said "Suzy brings extensive knowledge regarding the development and operations of treasury management. With Suzy's leadership, Peoples National Bank will increase its focus on development and sales of depository products to our commercial customers."

Suzy is highly regarded in the treasury management industry and currently serves on the EPCOR Cash and Treasury Management Committee. She also serves as President of the Safety House Foundation Board. Suzy said "I am fortunate to be joining an incredible team at Peoples National Bank. I look forward to further developing the existing business product and service suite, as well as launching new products and services that will provide additional benefits to new and existing clients."

01/25/17 - Peoples National Bank announces 2017 scholarship program

Peoples National Bank announces a scholarship program available in our Illinois market areas. Applications must be completed and received by March 3, 2017. The application is available at your local High School Guidance office. Scholarships will be announced at the Spring awards program at each local High School.

09/15/16 - Peoples National Bank donates $10,000 to support Veterans Honor Flight of Southern Illinois

Peoples National Bank donated $10,000 to support the Veterans Honor Flight of Southern Illinois. Bill Bonan II of Peoples National Bank commented, "Peoples National Bank is committed to serving our veterans and is proud to honor them by being a strong supporter of the Veterans Honor Flight."

The Veterans Honor Flight is a nationwide network dedicated to providing all veterans who apply a free trip to Washington, D.C. to visit memorials honoring their service and sacrifice.

More donations are still being sought to finalize the flight for veterans. Donations can be made online at, by mail at Veterans Honor Flight of Southern Illinois 10400 Terminal Drive, Suite 200 Marion, IL 62959, or at any Peoples National Bank location throughout Southern Illinois.

All expenses for this one day trip are the sole responsibility of the Veterans Honor Flight of Southern Illinois including the flight, ground transportation, meals and beverages. The trip is provided completely free of charge to the veterans and underwritten entirely by donations.

01/22/16 - Peoples National Bank announces scholarship program

Peoples National Bank announces a scholarship program available in our Illinois market areas. Applications must be completed and received by March 1, 2016. The application is available below or at your local High School Guidance office.

2016 Scholarship Application

11/19/15 - Peoples National Bank receives award from the Illinois Housing Development Authority

On November 17, 2015, Peoples National Bank was recognized by the Illinois Housing Development Authority with three awards for top mortgage production in Southern Illinois. Peoples National Bank received an award as the #2 Lender in Southern Illinois for IHDA mortgage production in 2014. Joy Schroeder, Mortgage Specialist in Mt. Vernon and Salem, received an award as the #3 Loan Officer in Southern Illinois for IHDA mortgage production in 2014. John Streuter, Mortgage Manager in Marion, Carterville and Herrin, received an award as the #1 Loan Officer in Southern Illinois for IHDA mortgage production in 2014.

During 2014, Peoples National Bank originated 164 IHDA loans totaling over $12 million. Joy Schroeder originated 41 loans totaling over $2.5 million and John Streuter originated 72 loans totaling over $6 million. Peoples National Bank and IHDA are proud partners in providing low interest loans with down payment assistance programs to first time homebuyers.

11/18/15 - Top 5 Holiday Scams

1. Black Friday/Cyber Monday Specials

This time of year, online scams use a variety of lures to get unsuspecting buyers to click on links or open attachments. Bad guys build complete copies of well-known sites, send emails promoting great deals, sell products and take credit card information – but never deliver the goods. Sites that seem to have incredible discounts should be a red flag. Remember that when a "special offer" is too good to be true, it usually is. For instance, never click on links in emails or popups with very deep discount offers for watches, phones or tablets. Go to the website yourself through your browser and check if that offer is legit.

2. Complimentary Vouchers or Gift Cards

A popular holiday scam is big discounts on gift cards. Don't fall for offers from retailers or social media posts that offer phony vouchers or (Starbucks) gift cards paired with special promotions or contests. Some posts or emails even appear to be shared by a friend (who may have been hacked). Develop a healthy dose of skepticism and "Think Before You Click" on offers or attachments with any gift cards or vouchers!

3. Bogus Shipping Notices From UPS and FedEx

You are going to see emails supposedly from UPS and FedEx in your inbox that claim your package has a problem and/or could not be delivered. Many of these are phishing attacks that try to make you click on a link or open an attachment. However, what happens when you do that is that your computer gets infected with a virus or even ransomware which holds all your files hostage until you pay 500 dollars in ransom.

4. Holiday Refund Scams

These emails seem to come from retail chains or e-commerce companies such as Amazon or eBay claiming there's a "wrong transaction" and prompt you to click the refund link. However, when you do that and are asked to fill out a form, the personal information you give out will be sold to cyber criminals who use it against you. Oh, and never, never, never pay online with a debit card, only use credit cards. Why? if the debit card gets compromised, the bad guys can empty your bank account quickly.

5. Phishing on the Dark Side

A new phishing email has begun circulating that tricks people into thinking they could win movie tickets for the highly-anticipated film, "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," due out on Dec. 18. However, the email is a phishing attack. Leading up to the film's release, and shortly after, you need to watch out for this social engineering attack and not fall for the scam. Stay safe online!

BONUS TIP: Never use an insecure public Wi-Fi to shop with your credit card. Only shop with a secure connection at home.

08/12/15 - New building set to open on August 31

Peoples National Bank in Fairfield is excited to move to its new building at 1001 West Delaware on Monday, August 31. The existing building at 215 SE Third Street will close at 5pm on Friday, August 28 and will re-open at the new location on Monday, August 31. Grand Opening celebrations will be held on Friday, September 4 with a ribbon cutting at 10:30am and a free lunch from 11am to 1pm. Stop by and celebrate with us at our new building in Fairfield.

07/22/15 - Jason Ramthun joins Peoples National Bank as Community Bank President of the St.Louis Metro area

Peoples National Bank is proud to welcome Jason Ramthun to our team. Jason joins Peoples National Bank as Community Bank President of the St. Louis Metro area. Ramthun brings more than 15 years of commercial and retail banking experience, and is a former examiner for the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.

Tom Dolson, Chief Executive Officer of Peoples National Bank said "Jason is the perfect asset to complement the rest of our team here at Peoples National Bank. His knowledge of the St. Louis market and the relationships he has built will serve us well as we continue to grow in St. Louis."

Ramthun holds a B.S. in Finance from Truman State University and is on the board of directors of the St. Louis Sports Commission. He also serves as President of the Finance Council of Immaculate Conception Dardenne, and is a former board member of Voices for Children.

12/03/14 - Six Ways to Avoid Holiday Shopping Scams

1) Monitor your account. Use online and mobile banking to keep an eye on your transactions, especially during the holidays. Notify the bank right away if there's any fraudulent activity. 2) Beware of phishing scams. During the holidays, criminals will create a fake email for a deal that's too good to be true. If you click on any links within the email, you may be downloading malware onto your computer or you may be asked for payment information that could lead to fraud. 3) Limit large sums of cash. Even though we've seen financial crime migrate from physical to cyber, customers should be careful not to carry around large sums of cash when shopping. A bank will make you whole if there's fraud against your account. If cash is stolen, your money is gone. 4)Secure your Internet connection. If shopping online, make sure you do so from a password protected Wi-Fi network. Never access online banking from a public Wi-Fi network. 5) Shop safely. Before making an online purchase, make sure the website uses secure technology. When you are at the checkout screen, verify that the web address begins with https. Also, check to see if a tiny locked padlock symbol appears on the page. 6) Read the site's privacy policies. Though long and complex, privacy policies tell you how the site protects the personal information it collects. If you don't see or understand a site's privacy policy, consider doing business elsewhere.

09/25/13 - Seniors warned about "the grandparent scam"

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is warning seniors about "The Grandparent Scam." You're a grandparent, and you get a phone call or an e-mail from someone who identifies himself as your grandson. "I've been arrested in another country," he says, "and need money wired quickly to pay my bail. And oh by the way, don't tell my mom or dad because they'll only get upset!"

This is an example of what's come to be known as "the grandparent scam"--yet another fraud that preys on the elderly, this time by taking advantage of their love and concern for their grandchildren. This scam has occurred in the Southern Illinois area previously, and the FBI is noticing a resurgence of this scam once again.

Avoid being a victim by resisting the pressure to act quickly; try to contact your grandchild or another family member to determine whether or not the call is legitimate and never wire money based on a request made over the phone or in an e-mail...especially overseas. Wiring money is like giving cash--once you send it, you can't get it back.

Please remember to never give anyone who calls on the phone or sends emails any personal information, including bank information.

01/23/13 - Seniors warned about a scam to get cash...

Illinois Department of Aging (IDoA) is warning seniors about an attempt to scam seniors and steal their money. IDoA is acting to alert Illinois seniors based on a report by Springfield Police that two elderly females fell victim to the scam. In two recent cases, a man reportedly called and told the victim he works at their bank. He got the victims to share information from their bank statements and told them he believed a bank employee was stealing from their account. He asked for their help to catch the person. The man convinced the victims to make cash withdrawals from their accounts then meet with him to give him the cash. The man got away with almost seven thousand dollars.

Please remember to never give anyone who calls on the phone or sends emails any personal information, including bank information.